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5 Ways to Structure Your Office for Hot- And-Cold Natured Employees

Offices are filled with all types of people. Young interns, middle-aged women, and older employees all sit in the same area. Often, with different temperature needs. What if you could redirect airflow using office partitions?

We’ve all been in an office that’s been ‘too cold’ or ‘too hot’. It’s next to impossible to get the balance right for everyone. We all feel heat and the cold differently, so one set temperature isn’t the answer.

Many offices just keep it at, say 23 degrees, just to keep it fair. But you’ll still end ups seeing employees with blankets (in summer) and other people complaining it’s too hot.

The temperature-levelling answer to your office environment

Here are five tips to maintain a healthy temperature, year-round.

De Clutter Your Office

If you simply cannot make your office cool during summer, try getting rid of clutter through the use of Prestio Screen Shelves.

All that ‘stuff’ restricts airflow and makes your air conditioner work harder. Decluttering your space will not only make you feel more organised, but reduce your electricity consumption. No more blocking system vents.

Create A New Layout

While we’re on the topic of layout, make sure you don’t have too much empty space that will cause the cold air to circulate (in winter). Work this to your advantage in summer, though. During those cooler months, smart furniture arrangement can help ‘trap’ in the warm air, keeping your employees comfortable. Do things like adding a big warm rug to cover up cold tile floors. Intelligently position your office workstations based on where the air vents are.

Use Panels To Redirect Airflow

Partitions aren’t just a way to divide up your office space into temporary rooms. They can also work to partition off temperature zones, in a stylish way.

If you can’t easily move around your desks, consider panels and partitions to provide a higher level of warmth or cool air to those who need it.

Group Employees Together

Do some of your employees complain it’s too cold, while others are saying it’s hot? Notice who’s saying what and group these people together. If there’s five people who seem to love being cold, position their workstations closer to the air conditioning system. And vice versa for the other group.

Encourage Break Times

One of the best ways to overcome office temperature debates is to get outdoors. Give your team enough time on their breaks to enjoy some fresh air. Vitamin D deficiencies are linked to depression, so get your team out and about to keep them happy.

Remember, you can’t make everyone happy. We all have different levels of comfort, so it’s important to understand this.

Need help? We create partitions to help with the flow of air in your office. Think of this as your ultimate temperature control strategy. The comfort of your employees is linked to their engagement and productivity.

Improve how your business runs and find out how to design this in your office and beat temperature complaints once and for all.