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Tips & Cleaning Tricks to Maintain Your Office Furniture

With any big team, you’ll need a large office space. You teach your employees to tidy up after themselves and hire a cleaner. But there’s more to office care and maintenance than what meets the eye. A clean office isn’t just looking good.

It’s rare for a cleaner to go over office furniture every week. Rather, they focus on the floors, bathroom, and kitchen. The hustle and bustle of employees coming in and out, working on different projects often leads to chaos. Come Friday, there’s ‘stuff’ everywhere.

Over time, dirt and dust particles build up on office chairs and office tables. If left unattended, they can start to affect the lifespan of the fabric. Vacuum upholstery with a soft brush attachment, dry cleaning and attending to individual fabrics is what’s required to keep your office furniture looking and performing great.

A clean office is a productive office.

Do your best to encourage your employees to keep their workstations clutter-free. Teach them to keep the things exactly in the same place from where they took it. Files, folders, stationary, books… they all have their own place.

If your furniture is wooden, it’s going to be easier to take care of. Run a damp cloth over it every few days to avoid an accumulation of dust.

It’s easier to do this when there’s not too much stuff on it. Consider a termite treatment to make sure there’s no damage, especially if the wood is old and the building is, too.

Head to your local stationary shop and organise branded coaster and table mats. This will prevent any kind of food or drink stains. Plus, it’s great for marketing.

With leather, you need to be careful that the furniture isn’t in direct sunlight. The material won’t last as long if it’s exposed to heat. To clean your leather chairs, it’s best to choose a product that’s designed specifically for it. Using just any regular cleaner, especially if it’s got alcohol in it might damage the furniture.

When it comes to cleaning, take a collective approach. Make your employees accountable for keeping their workstations neat and tidy. Work with your office cleaner to make sure those big areas are kept well-presented.

Discuss organic cleaning products, so there’s no nasty chemicals left on surfaces. And lastly, pay attention to your office furniture by investing in quality material cleaning products.

Investing in premium quality, ergonomic office chairs and furniture can help boost performance and health in the office. But it’s equally as vital to take care of the furniture to keep it in good condition. Not only this, but you’ll maintain your warranty if anything was to go wrong.

If you’re looking for products to help care for your desks, chairs, shelves and countertops, contact us. We sell a range of timber, veneer, melamine, leather and fabric coverings to keep your office looking great.

Who said cleaning isn’t easy…

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