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Top 5 Modern Office Design Trends That You Should Incorporate

Modern office design trends are unique, interesting and flexible. As opportunities present themselves, you can adjust the space easily to embrace the benefits. Because the office environment is closely linked to employee satisfaction and motivation, it’s good to keep abreast with office trends – to maintain an appealing workplace now and in the future.

Offices are constantly evolving and changing. From open office plans to hot desks, it depends on what your office demands. Additionally, it depends on what type of brand image you want to foster with your customers and employees.

Here are five work styles that are gaining in popularity:

Collaboration As A Work Model

Think of a stereotypical start-up. They began in the back room of a house. Working in close proximity in a casual setting, momentum was strong. However, that energy is soon diluted as the company moves into a bigger, corporate-style office. There’s a new trend for giving workspaces that original buzz, making them more collaborative and creative. Big, private offices are being put back on the market, as smaller and more dynamic office workstations are introduced.

Incorporate Mobility & Flexibility in Your Modern Office Design

Furniture introduced into modern spaces have ergonomic design chairs, desks and furniture qualities. Chairs can be adjusted to the height and comfort of the user. Office Desks come in a range of forms, such as standing and portable. Employees can switch between multi-person workstations, long tables or standing up. In other words, they don’t just have one dedicated desk anymore.

modern office design trends

More Greenery

You can add natural elements into your offices, such as hanging plants, salvaged wood, water features, and extending workspaces outdoors. In design we call this trend ‘biophilic design’ which has proved to increase productivity, emotional well-being, reduce stress, and increase learning. This style offers relief from mental and physiological fatigue and is currently a growing modern office design trend.

Café-style Kitchens

Instead of racing down to the local café and waiting in a long line, forward-thinking companies are embracing café-style kitchens, as well as café furniture. We all know people come together over food! Through this approach, you can foster a stronger community among workers, management, and customers.

Hot Desks For ‘Travellers’

The rise of freelancers, contractors and remote workers has seen a boost in ‘hot desks’. Hot desks are a place where workers don’t have an assigned desk, therefore able to move around freely. They’re not just plonk their laptop down anywhere, but rather, there’s a dedicated station for these workers. Think of a co-working room setup. People come in and out as they please, without disturbing full-time staff. However, they still have access to all the relevant parts of the office that they need to use.

 While it’s great to be aware of the new office design trends, if you don’t have the right layout in place, you won’t be able to adapt to changes. Your design needs to be flexible and efficient. It all starts with having a good foundation, that is, your furniture.

Ready to update your office? We can custom make furniture for you to optimise productivity in your space. Talk to us about office desks, office tables, workstations, and office storage. Our products strike perfect balance between fostering collaboration while maintaining productivity and privacy.

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