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How to Find the Best Filing Cabinet for Your Perth Office

Are you struggling with space in your Perth office? Rent is expensive and your employee numbers fluctuate from year to year. Instead of moving, invest in storage solutions, like filing cabinets.

All cabinets are created equal, right? Wrong, but it’s easy to think they are. There’s more to the buying process than just deciding you need filing cabinets. Let’s go through a couple of things to consider.

First, find out how many files you need to store. Are these documents that you’ll need to access every day or simply store safely? This will affect both the size of the unit, where you put it and how the interior’s designed.

Lateral vs. Vertical Files

Lateral files feature a shallow drawer extension which can house a lot of files. This design option is great for walkways and putting in tiny nooks – making it ideal for small offices. If your files are between 80-100cm, they can be neatly arranged in a lateral cabinet. Choose a cabinet with two or three drawers and it’ll store dozens of documents.

Vertical files, on the other hand, have deeper drawers. This cabinet design usually holds fewer documents, but are great for everyday use at a workstation. Most storage cabinets close to desks are vertical.

Is Your Office Always Changing?

Mobile cabinets could be a good option for you. Move your storage around the office whenever you need. If you’re switching desks around, your cabinets can easily follow. This is beneficial if one of your employees is working on a client project for a few weeks. Position the cabinet close to their desk and once it’s over, push it out of the way. Instead of a permanent structure, you can store a mobile cabinet under a desk or pull it out when it’s needed.

When deciding between the two, it’s best to look at all the files you’ve got. This will help guide your buying decision. Think about features such as locks, wheels, the number of drawers and how they extend. Also, would you like to use the top of the cabinet for anything? You can add an item or two, but avoid cluttering it to maintain a minimal look.

After selecting the best type of cabinet, estimate the size and number of drawers. You’ll be able to work out how many cabinets you’ll need, if you’ve got a large collection of documents.

The most important part of choosing storage for your files is making sure they’re safe. Invest in well-designed cabinets to maintain the integrity of your documents for many years to come.

Hunting for high-quality cabinets to store your items? We have a large range of options to suit different office designs. Combine the storage cabinets with cupboards or desks to achieve a complete look.

If you need help choosing the right size, contact us. Our storage experts can run you through the different size options.