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Re-design Your Office to Support These 4 Essential Ways of Working

Do your employees work in a specific type of way? Would this change if you updated your office layout? Making room for essential work modes can increase productivity, creativity, and new ideas. Like a four-person workstation, for example, can encourage collaboration.

The design of your workplace is linked to performance and levels of innovation. Don’t just believe us, there’s proof. If you walk into an office with a comfortable office desk, lounge area and ‘inspirational’ areas, it might be surprising to see just how engaged team members are. It’s because the design not only influences the look you give off as a company, but the creative process of the people who work in the space.

Design has the capability to drive innovation in a real way. It’s about designing the workplace to suit your employees, not the other way around. Think about how you can update your space to increase all that good stuff – engagement, motivation, and learning.

There’s no one-size-fits-all in office design. But there are key work modes that are common in many offices. Let’s go through the four types so you can reflect on the effectiveness of your current space.

Focus, Collaboration, Learning & Socialising

There are four essential work modes that every office should make room for in their new design.

  1. Focus: When it’s time to put your head down, there should be an area dedicated to this. Employees can go into a solo office workstation to concentrate on a specific task. This could include reading, writing, reflecting and generating
  2. Collaboration: Teams need to work together. Things won’t get done as fast if they’re all huddled around a small desk, uncomfortable. The collaborative work mode takes up around 1/3 of your employees’ time. Build an area that encourages communication with multimedia connection and screens.
  3. Learning: There are times when your team will develop their knowledge – reading books, working through online courses, and listening to podcasts. Include an area that helps your employees advance their skills, in a technology-based setting.
  4. Socialising: 4. This is probably the work mode that’s the least represented in offices, but it’s an important one. Socialising and getting to know each other is central to effective teams. Make sure you have a dedicated space for networking and conversations to take place. Your kitchen or break room could double as your ‘socialising’ area.

Office workstation design

Look beyond the old, ‘cubicle’ way of working to increase connection and collaboration in your team. Think about distractions, daylight, colours, and learning opportunities. Today’s office environment is all for collective tasks and maximising space. Four-person workstations is a great way to encourage this.

If you’re thinking about introducing open plan areas to your office, we have a large range of multiple-person workstations. All products are designed with ergonomic principles and can be customised for the people using it. Pair it with office chairs and mobile pedestals and you’ve got yourself a dynamic new work area.

You’re going to want one of these yourself.