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The Checklist to Guide You Through a Successful Office Refurbishment

As your business evolves, so should your office. If you’re in charge of the office refurbishment, it can seem like an overwhelming project. This is often why businesses don’t transform their spaces – because of a lack of time. Read our new blog post on how to complete a successful office refurbishment

All it takes is a little preparation. A checklist, if you will, to take you through the process. Planning is the key, but the part that’s overlooked because business owners are time-poor.

If you’re thinking about refurbishing your office, take it step by step. This checklist will help walk you through it, so you’ve got everything under control.

#1: Start with your ‘why’

Do you know the reasons why you’re updating the space? Is it lacking in character or maybe there’s a more pressing reason, like you’re expanding and need to make room for new staff. Like any big project, clarity is the essential ingredient to help maintain momentum, when times get tough.

So, why are you refurbishing your space?

  • You need updated furniture?
  • You’ve expand the business and need extra room?
  • Health & safety recommendations?
  • To boost morale & productivity in the team?
  • Improve the brand and image to new clients?

#2: Who will be involved?

You’re going to need a range of talent to help you complete the project. Make a list of who those people are. If you can, write down the stage when they need to be introduced or is it best to work as a team at every stage? Think about your manager, leaders, finance officer, and even the marketing team (who can start to envision how they’ll promote the space).

#3: Will you hire tradespeople?

Do you have the team (and time) to oversee the entire refurbishment or will you hire a team of professionals? It comes down to the work that will be completed. If you’re expanding, you might to turn the break room into a second office or casual workspace. If so, carpenters and interior decorators could be useful. Is there room in the budget for their services?

#4: What items do you need?

This is the fun part, the shopping. Don’t just look at what’s missing from your space. If you’re going through a refurbishment project, take this opportunity to update the items in your office to reflect the new design. Most importantly, this is your furniture.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How can we improve health & productivity? Where can we switch to ergonomic options?
  • What’s the best type of office chair for eight hours of use?
  • How many Office storage units do we need? Does everyone need their own space? Is there a stationary or filing area?
  • Do we need desk privacy screens? Or is it an open-plan office?
  • Will we introduce breakout areas in the office? Do we need sofas, benches or even beanbags?

Map out all the areas in your office and focus on investing in ergonomic solutions.

Office refurbishment specialists.

Updating your office starts with investing in high-quality furniture – items that are ergonomically designed and focus on the health and productivity of your team. Our products marry this sentiment.

Start the new year positively. Give your office a 2019 twist.