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Top ideas for selecting stylish café furniture

Environment plays a huge role in employee motivation. There’s one room that’s a favourite for our teams, the café or break room. Create a positive break room by investing in the right design. This starts with café furniture.

This is a place where your people chat over their morning coffee and enjoy a relaxed lunch. It’s ‘their’ room, a physical and mental space for them to take a break from their busy day.

Imagine working in a dark, dusty office with old furniture. Now, think about typing away on a creatively-designed desk with loads of natural light. The space around us affects us more than we may realise.

Fit-out Your Lunch Room Creatively. Boost Productivity.

Cafes and bars are two of the most popular hangout spots, no matter where you are in the world. Now, of course we can’t have bars in our offices, but we can create a café vibe for our team.

How cool would it be if your team can get that same ‘coffee break’ experience without having to leave the office? They’ll save time, money, and develop stronger relationships with more people in-house.

Every good café starts with smart design. Blending both aesthetics and practicality in your design is important. A cute, rustic charm might look great but if it’s not comfortable, it’s hard to relax. The same goes for your tables and countertops. Traditional café tables, bar stools and lower coffee tables are a great choice, combined with café chairs and stools.

Consider the look and feel you want to give your employees. Do you want a modern, edgy space that gets your team thinking outside of the box? Maybe a soft-coloured, summery space is more ideal. Think about how you want your team to engage with the room and make sure this is reflected in the design.

Furniture, lighting, paint, and room layout all play a part in building the room’s character. When choosing the furniture for your café, consider the theme of the room, the number of employees using it, and if you can add to the design down the track.

Every café, just like every office, has its own personality. You’re going to have a few standout pieces that give the room character. Often, this is the furniture.

Partner with a team of café design consultants to bring your lunch room to life. We have a range of chairs and tables available, as well as a custom joinery and cabinet making service.

Treat your team and update your lunch room. You’ll have happier, more engaged employees by giving them a place to relax and unwind.

For creative break spaces, invest in café furniture.

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