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Debunk The Confusion With Office Furniture Warranties

Manufacturers display confidence in the products they offer by providing the customers with a warranty. Warranties are the legal promises manufacturers make to repair or replace items. Moreover, if goods become unfit for the intended use in a specific time frame you can exchange them. The specifics of the warranty, however, can often be confusing for the customers. 

In this article, we will clear the confusion on how office furniture warranties work. And what to expect while filing a claim.

Warranties Come With Conditions

The most common misconception about warranties is that people think the manufacturer will cover the damages no matter what happens. But in reality, claiming a warranty requires following the instructions provided by the manufacturer under the manufacturer’s recommended conditions. It requires a thorough understanding of the warranty details as well as the standard requirements in which the furniture will be used. 

Furniture pieces go through quality inspection under specific standards during the manufacturing process, and manufacturers provide warranties based on those conditions. A manufacturer is confident about the durability of its product if customers use it properly. But that doesn’t mean you will need to follow strict guidelines whilst handling your furniture. It’s more about avoiding misuse and mishandling.

Commonly, a recommended condition for warranty claim for office chairs is a single shift use under standard commercial usage (eight hours a day, forty hours a week) for users weighing up to 135 kilograms. Warranties don’t cover negligence and mishandling of the products.

Understanding Warranty Time Frame

Manufacturers provide warranties for their confidence in the durability of the product they offer. Since different materials are compiled together to construct a piece of furniture, the most extended warranty time frame manufacturers offer might not cover all the elements of the particular piece of furniture. E.g., if a furniture manufacturer offers you a ‘lifetime warranty’ on their chairs, the warranty may only cover the casters, cylinders, and control mechanisms. Manufacturers cover materials like foam and fabric for a few years, depending on their build. Electrical devices or panels may come with a lesser warranty time frame. 

You must read the full warranty details and acknowledge the exceptions so that you are aware of the period covered for the entire piece of furniture. Furniture pieces that are built with a single or a few materials, such as metal storages tend to have fewer or no exceptions on their warranty time frame. 

Warranties Are Non-transferable

Most (almost all) warranties that you get with office furniture are non-transferable. The warranty on a piece of office furniture automatically voids if it’s resold or given away. At Direct Office, the warranty we offer on our products is only valid for the original purchaser. 

Manufacturers may require the original purchase receipt or invoice when you file a warranty claim. So make sure you store it in a safe place. Since a warranty will often outlast the amount of time a dealer keeps records, relying on the merchant – you purchased furniture from – to keep your documents is not always a reliable choice.

At Direct Office, we deal with the customers directly without the involvement of any third party. Dealing with us means you deal with the manufacturer directly. Therefore, we can process your claims faster without any confusion. 

Not All Warranties Cover Labour And Shipping

If your furniture item fails as opposed to the manufacturer’s promise, you might want to claim the warranty. Upon the warranty, the manufacturer may replace the faulty parts of your furniture or replace the furniture piece entirely. But the labour cost it takes to replace the elements, and the shipping cost it takes to transport your furniture from and to your office space are not often covered by warranties. This process means replacement and shipping would need to be completed by you. 

Acknowledging the warranty details before purchasing any office furniture item is the best way to avoid confusion in future. Some warranties may cover labour and shipping, so carefully choose your manufacturer.

Warranties Don’t Cover Non-intended Use

Any modification to the furniture will automatically void the warranty. Typically you will find the conditions in which you can’t claim the warranty on the warranty description. It often includes activities such as not using the furniture with appropriate care and adding and removing parts. 

A manufacturer will provide proper instructions for repairs and parts replacements if it’s essential. Direct Office recommends customers to avoid performing repairs or replacing parts of the furniture without first contacting us. 

For Normal Wear And Tear

Normal wear and tear occur because of repetitive use of the furniture. If you follow the user manual correctly and handle your furniture with proper care, the furniture we offer at Direct Office will last way longer than the warranty period. However, no warranty is responsible for covering the occurrences from regular wear and tear. Moreover, you can replace or repair unusual defects and faulty materials under warranty. 

At Direct Office, we always recommend that customers use their furniture as intended and perform regular maintenance and care necessary to prolong its life. It may include activities such as regularly polishing and cleaning upholstery, routinely tightening screws and bolts, and handling furniture with care.

Filing a Warranty Claim At Direct Office

If you detect damage on your furniture, or your furniture fails to perform appropriately, you should contact Direct Office immediately to get the process started on filing a claim. The process of filing a claim will include filling out a simple form or emailing to our warranty department. You might also need to provide us with a picture of the furniture to display the damage or the defect. There can be some defects such as cylinder failure or control buttons failure that can’t be detected with pictures. We recommend providing us with a video in such cases. We will either replace the furniture piece or replace the defective parts for you once we approve the warranty. 

You may or may not cover the labour and shipping costs depending on the specifics of the warranty as discussed above. We recommend our customers to order replacement parts rather than shipping the whole furniture item to us if there is a defect in the components. With proper instruction from our furniture experts and with the right tools, you will be able to replace the defective parts and save time and money.  


At Direct Office, we don’t overlook your concerns regarding the warranty of our office furniture products. Direct Office offers excellent warranties because we are confident about the quality and durability of our products. We also know how valuable the warranty is for you. We always encourage you to understand the specifics of warranties before making any purchase.