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Timber Veneer Care & Maintenance

Timber Veneer – is a thin layer of finely grained wood adhered to a base timber material.

In general, timber veneered surfaces should not be left wet/damp or with wet staining materials on them (such as coffee/wine). They shouldn’t be cleaned with harsh chemicals or cleaners that affect the finish of the surface.

Abrasive cleaning can scratch the surface and reduce clarity.

Veneered surfaces will change colour to a greater or lesser degree-depending on exposure to artificial or natural light over an extended period of time. The degree of change will depend on the length of exposure and the type of veneer chosen.

Dusting: Only use a dry soft cloth or feather duster.

Spillages: Clean all spillages with a damp cloth as soon as possible. Moisture may cause damage to the coating. High humidity, steam and excessive moisture contact may cause cracking or white marking of the veneer surface.

Temperature changes/direct sunlight: Avoid direct sunlight as it can fade or change the clolour of the veneer. Expansion or contraction of the timber due to extreme temperature changes may cause damage to the surface. Use heat resistance place mats under hot food and beverages to avoid heat damage.

Take care with sharp objects as to not scratch or mark the surface.

Structural integrity: Your furniture has been made with care and should be treated with care also. If you need to move furniture, ensure that you lift and carry the furniture (protecting your back with safe lifting principles) rather than drag the furniture across the floor. Dragging puts strain on the joints and joins of the furniture and can damage the structural integrity of the furniture. If your furniture is damaged due to dragging, your warranty may be void.