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What is Swift Range?

Imagine your new office is opening in the next few days, and the furniture requirements for your office are still not finalised. No problem! Direct Office comes to the rescue by facilitating our customers with the “SWIFT Range”. We not only will help you decide on the best furniture for your office but also deliver them to you in a blink of an eye! It’s due to the ever increasing pace of business that the idea of the “SWIFT Range” was born. The “SWIFT Range” consists of a vast array of dispatch-ready office furniture best suited to your office which can be delivered to you the very next day of purchase.

By carrying large stocks of our most popular furniture in our Melbourne & Perth warehouses, we can typically provide delivery to our customers within 1-3 days of receiving the order.

Our customers also have the option of collecting their order from either of our warehouses, the very next day after ordering.

With the “SWIFT Range” we have included stocked home furniture products ranging from office and computer desks, to office chairs to file cabinets, etc. we have everything covered for our customers’ urgent needs!

We are continuously improving customer satisfaction with our “SWIFT Range” of products by making a remarkable buying experience for our valued customers.

The trust and reliability that we have instilled in our customers, through “SWIFT Range”, gives them the confidence that their orders will be received within days of their purchase.

Our dedicated team of customer support which is available 24×7 to help you in tackling the last moment indecisiveness and dilemma regarding your purchase and guide you through your buying process. Our feedback from our loyal customers makes us more than happy to know that they have purchased the best products for themselves. Their satisfaction and happiness are proof that our Customer Service culture runs deep!

Our Team at Direct Office Furniture is available anytime at per your convenience. Just type and send your queries on the bottom right-hand chatbox, and one of our furniture experts will answer you. Additionally, you can call us at 1800 849 117 or email us at [email protected] to get hold of one of our representatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the SWIFT Range, we are committed to a delivery time of 1-3 Days from order placement. We make this possible with our dedicated Delivery Teams located in Perth and Melbourne.


If you are looking for a decent price, then look no further as Direct Office provides an extensive range of Office Furniture, starting from low-end to mid-price range to high-end priced products, as suited to your needs. We are able to offer very competitive pricing on all of our products thanks to our in-house manufacturing & despatch teams as well as our direct-importing which cuts out the middleman.


With our extensive network of dealers and distributors present all across Australia, we provide for easy availability of our “SWIFT Range” products, but the fastest delivery service from SWIFT Range can be availed especially in Perth and Melbourne.


Depending on the delivery location, the delivery charges vary accordingly. Our dedicated Delivery team at Direct Office Furniture ensures that your furniture is delivered on time and to the highest standard of quality.