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Office Stool With Wheels

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Saddle stools have been traditionally popular because of the flexibility they offer to the people who need to move around comfortably while they work, especially in workplaces such as labs, healthcare clinics, and hairdressing salons. There is a growing trend for such stools in offices now for the benefits they offer.

Direct Office offers office stools with wheels to provide you with the best flexibility you need to perform your required tasks.

Benefits Of Using Office Stools With Wheels

  • Your spine is held in its natural curve while using office stools, preventing you from slouching and reducing the pressure in the neck, shoulders, and the lumbar region.
  • The structure of the office stool lets you lean forward effectively without harming your posture.
  • Sitting on an office stool improves blood circulation in your legs.
  • While using office stool, your body engages abdominal muscles and the back, helping improve core muscle strength.
  • The regular comfortable motion helps prevent joint problems.

Ergonomic Office Stools With Wheels

Direct Office offers ergonomic office stools with wheels for increased comfort. With ergonomic office stools with wheels, you will be provided with better freedom of movement and the comfort of adjustment according to your body type. Choose from an exclusive range of colours, styles, and finishing as per your unique requirement. These office stools are designed in such a way that they can be adjusted to fit every body type in the best way.

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