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Classroom designs focus on creating an environment that helps students be more attentive and less distracted during lectures. To create such an environment, schools should recognise the importance of chairs too. Investing in ergonomic classroom chairs is a wise decision in the long run if you want to help improve comfort and concentration of your students.

Although kids in school are taught about correct posture sitting in classes, some children still prefer to slouch. That is why it’s important for students to have a chair that supports their spine and helps maintain a good posture. Lack of sufficient support during long hours of seating can cause fatigue, discomfort and lead to poor posture as well as back or neck pain, ultimately affecting the ability to focus properly.

Direct office Furniture presents ergonomic school furniture that ensure better comfort and care for your students to help build their confidence and performance in classroom environments. We make sure our chairs also fulfil students’ expectations regarding spaces and accessibility.

We also offer you ergonomically designed custom made chairs to meet the expectations of your students because we believe classroom seating should support healthy posture for young bodies to develop without any hindrance.

It is important for their physical health and mental growth that students are seated firmly with their feet planted on the floor and their backs against their chairs.

Rigid chairs don’t allow for natural movement, whereas ergonomic chairs support various seating positions comfortably. Flexible seating gives students the freedom to choose the seating position they like while focusing on the lecture.

Direct Office Furniture has a large selection of student chairs like the budget Lynx Student Chair or the popular ergonomic chair the Bloom Stool. Every chair we offer are designed and engineered with a variety of colours. We make them functional and practical to use and elegant to look at.

If you are looking to fit out your learning & education facility and require student chairs, we recommend you combine the products with our student desks & folding tables.

To find out more information on our student chairs, call us on 1800 951 427, or start a chat with one of our consultants (in the bottom right hand corner)

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