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Round Office Coffee Table

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Office space is not just about sitting all day at your desk and getting things done. It’s also about collaborating with the team in the meeting room, sharing thoughts in the breakout area, and having a casual conversation in the cafe. Wouldn’t it be much better if you had different types of furniture that blend in with different environments inside your office space? As far as round office coffee tables are concerned, they fit perfectly in the cafe or lunch & smoke room of your office space.  

Though you might not want to get distracted while you are at your desk working, you would like to engage with as many colleagues as you can during a coffee break. Round tables make sure you have better visibility of your colleagues and allows you to connect with them during your conversation. Unlike square tables, round tables use less space, allowing more people to come together during casual talks. Hence round tables are the perfect answer to the space issues if you have it in your office area. 

Install the right round office coffee table for your cafe with Direct Office. We offer an extensive collection of round tables in different sizes and colours. Some of our round tables have foldable properties. From elegant to casual, we offer you the round office coffee tables that fit your budget and solve your space problems. 

Get rid of sharp edges in your limited space. Order a round table with one click and get it installed in your office fast. 

Direct Office is not just the supplier but also the manufacturer of the best quality office furniture in Australia. Ordering your favourite furniture through our website means you aren’t dealing with any third party which guarantees you the best value on your every purchase. We maintain a constant stock amount, so you’ll never need to worry about the availability of the product of your choice. 

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