Rapido Starter Lead



The Rapido Starter Lead is used to connect the soft-wiring system to a standard power-point. Easily self-installed, the lead has a soft-wiring connection on one end and a 3-pin plug on the other.

The 10A starter cable is fitted with a thermal overload for overload protection. One end is fitted with a 10A three pin plug and the other is fitted with a Wieland GST18 female connector.

The 20A starter cable is manufactured with 2.5mm2 cable and is fitted with a 20A three pin plug eliminating the need for a thermal overload and can be plugged directly into a 20A three pin outlet. The other end of the cable is fitted with a Wieland GST18 female connector.

  • In stock for immediate dispatch. 
  • White or Black colour.
  • 10amp or 20 amp capacity.
  • Incorporates a thermal overload device.
  • ASNZS61535.1.2003 Compliant.
  • Easily self-installed.
  • 5 year warranty