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Plastic Office Chairs

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Plastic office chairs are great options for cafes and breakout areas where people don’t spend too much of their time. They come in huge varieties and sizes and can perfectly fit in any areas during urgent seating requirement. They can be used as office conference room chairs during urgent meetings, office lunchroom chairs during lunch hours, or break rooms chairs during the breaks. Some plastic chairs also have ergonomic features to promote comfort and improve fitness, whereas most have a contemporary design. Direct Office Furniture offers an exclusive collection of office plastic chairs to match with different settings.

Features Of Plastic Office Chairs:

Plastic Chairs Are Portable Seating Options For Urgent Office Events: Plastic chairs are lightweight, usually foldable, and also stackable. Plastic chairs are the best option for those who are looking for portable office chairs that are also easy to set up anywhere fast. Plastic chairs with padded back and concave design give comfortable support to the users.

Huge Range Of Colours And Sizes: Plastic chairs are available in almost any colour. Companies can choose colours that match their brand and interior for a cohesive look.

In addition to several colours, plastic chairs have multiple size options to fit different corners of the office and different body types.

Cost-effective: Plastic chairs are undeniably more affordable than other materials. They set the perfect mood for the breakrooms, lunchrooms, and kitchens at a very reasonable price. Plastic chairs are usually stackable. It makes them easy to store even in a small space.

Plastic Chairs Are Durable And Require Less Maintenance: Unlike other materials, plastic furniture is resilient to scraping, loss in colour, and stains when exposed to spills. They do not get affected from termites, unlike wood furniture. Plastic furniture demands less maintenance compared to glass, wood or metal furniture.

Easier To Clean: You can easily clean plastic furniture with a gentle rub or wipe. That’s why plastic Chairs are widely used in kitchens and lunchrooms where they are likely to frequently suffer spills and mishandling.

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