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Buy the Best Office Chairs in Melbourne

Finding the right office chair for your office and the home workstation has never been this easy. Whether you’re looking for a chair for your home office or a full range of office chairs to accommodate hundreds of employees, we’ve got you covered.

Direct Office Furniture is a leading supplier of quality office chairs in Melbourne and throughout Australia. We manufacture and supply the best-value office chairs at all price ranges, from affordable budget-friendly options all the way to high-end luxury furniture. Our extensive range of quality office chairs is available online for your ease. Your dream office fitout is just a few clicks away.

An Extensive Range of Office Furniture With Amazing Warranties

A warranty is often one of the most reliable indicators of a quality product. Shopping online for an office chair can be intimidating for inexperienced customers. We fully acknowledge that a warranty of a particular product is valuable to our customers and should not be overlooked. We assure you that, with Direct Office, you will be better informed on what to expect from a warranty and what red flags to look for.

Our customers often ask us if there is a warranty on our products. We note it as a genuine and valid question because people spend a substantial amount of time and money searching for the best chair, but most of the time, they end up experiencing issues with some of the ‘best claimed’ products.

Direct Office offers a 5 to 10 years warranty on office chairs, depending on the product. Our claim is even stronger with the warranty on our furniture products.

When to Replace an Office Chair

A quality office chair won’t wear out quickly, but it won’t last forever either. The lifespan of an office chair depends on different variables, and organisations should be aware of those factors and plan to replace them accordingly. 

There are no exact parameters and hard rules for assessing a chair for replacement, but the following might be the warning signals for you to consider replacing your office chair.

Visible Wear and Tear

The appearance of office interiors and furniture is vital to some organisations. It determines how partners, clients, visitors and even employees perceive your business, especially in big cities like Melbourne. Worn-out chairs can have a massively negative impact. 

Usually, visitor office chairs may need replacing sooner than the chairs serving in the backroom because they are the first impression when anyone walks into the office.

Components Falling Off or Working Loosely

Falling out chair parts is a direct indicator for replacement. It impacts how chairs look in your office and also makes the users vulnerable to accidents. Timely maintenance extends your chair’s lifespan. Many chair components are readily available in the market and easy to install.

Lack of Comfort Affecting Productivity

If an office chair loses its ergonomic standard, it negatively affects employee well-being and productivity, impacting your organisational growth in the long run. Though it doesn’t seem as apparent immediately, it adds up over time. To maintain a healthy level of productivity, replacing them becomes crucial once they reach a demonstrable level of wear and tear. Your employees will thank you.

Failing Seat Foams

Foams and fabric make office chairs feel soft. These don’t last as long as rigid components, like the mechanism and the base. Consider replacing or restoring chairs that are no longer soft on the seat or backrest.

If you notice any of the above signs, it’s time to replace your office chairs with modern and improved ones.

Access All Kinds of Office Chairs

Direct Office is your one-stop shop to buy office chairs in Melbourne, where we always maintain a healthy stock of several types of office chairs. Our office furniture is comfortable, functional, and available in various styles, colours, and fabrics.

You have access to a huge collection of premium office chairs that are not only stylish and comfortable but also classy, leaving a lasting impression on your visitors. Aside from professional workstation chairs, you can check out the rest of our office chairs range including:

Our ergonomically designed office chairs help maintain a proper body posture and prevent musculoskeletal disorders. Adding high-quality chairs in such spaces creates comfort for those who use them regularly.

In modern office work environments, back pain contributes significantly to staff leave and reduced productivity due to not managing posture issues and poorly designed seating as good as they should be. Sitting long hours in an uncomfortable office chair or in a position of poor posture increases the likelihood of work-related injury complaints as well as a decrease in employee wellness and workplace happiness. 

Understanding this area of discomfort many employees often have to deal with at their workstation, Direct Office has introduced a complete range of Ergonomic Office Chairs available for immediate delivery right here in Melbourne to make it easier for businesses to overcome these issues that may be affecting staff negatively.

Our Ergonomic Office chairs are designed by leading industry experts to offer a more comfortable and neutral seating position with armrests. These chairs are also built with an adjustable body frame that allows for posture adjustment and promotes comfortable long hours of undisrupted work. 

Our Ergonomic chairs can help increase the overall productivity of your employees in your workspace environment by helping them better manage the problems often associated with poor posture accentuated by bad chair design.

Why choose an “Ergonomic Office Chair” for your Office? 

Choosing an Ergonomic Office chair is a very wise investment as there are some major health benefits of having an Ergonomic Office chair for your daily office work: 

1. Better Spine Support

A bad posture for a prolonged time can cause irreparable damage to your spinal cord, causing a lifetime of repentance. A normal chair lacks basic ergonomics, and a person tends to lean forward on it because they don’t have the correct back height. This is a major underlying problem that is fixed by an ergonomic chair. An ergonomic office chair provides much better spine support, with its full-length design and natural posture support for the back. These types of chairs help in improving posture providing a worry-free working time.

2. Reduces Lower Back and Neck Pain

Lower back pain and neck pain are some of the worst common body pains caused by long work hours on traditional office chairs. This is usually because the design and construct of a normal traditional chair cannot support the correct sitting posture with a properly aligned back and neck. Nonetheless, using an ergonomic office chair solves this problem and provides better relaxation, ease, and support to the body’s pain points, thereby reducing lower back and neck pains.

3. Reduces pressure on the Hips

A human body’s hips bear the whole weight of the upper torso when it is in a seated position. 

Therefore, when sitting on a normal chair and working for long hours may induce painful pressure over your hip joints that may later cause serious health issues. 

However, using an ergonomic office chair can address this issue as it helps to reduce pressure on the hip area by providing suitable seat depth to support the hips and their joints.

4. Better Blood Circulation

As per scientific research, it was discovered that sitting for just an hour-long on a stretch increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and poor blood circulation. It is advisable to track how long you’re seated in one single stretch and vary your position every 30 -45 minutes. 

But with an ergonomic office chair, you no longer need to track your sitting time, as it helps in maintaining proper blood circulation in the arms and legs while working. Without the ergonomic feature of the chair, the arms and legs would bend unnaturally. The armrests on the chair should be placed at a height that is comfortable for the user that will help to improve circulation and stop blood from being pooled in some areas and not reaching others, creating a tingling sensation.

Ergonomic office chairs offer better posture and position, ensuring that the whole body has adequate blood flow. 

5. Minimal Muscle Traction and Strain-free Rest

As the employees spend tedious hours at their jobs on their desks, it requires them to take short breaks while still sitting on their chairs and working. An Ergonomic office chair goes a long way in providing a more strain-free rest on the chair with minimal muscle traction when taking such small breaks on their office chairs.

Taking small breaks by resting on an ergonomic office chair lets you reduce the stress on your body and release the muscle tension that builds up while working. The stress is also diverted from the neck and shoulder areas, and your body feels relieved and relaxed.

One vital reason why Direct Office is one of the best online office furniture suppliers in Melbourne, VIC, is the fact that we are one of the most extensive collections of desks and chairs in Melbourne, and have one of the fastest delivery systems.

Want to know more about our products and how you can get them right to your doorstep? Call 1800 951 427 or email your queries at sales@directoffice.com.au to discuss your requirements with one of our team members. Alternatively, you can simply mention your questions in the bottom right chatbox. One of our operators will help you find the right seating and furniture options to suit your needs, budget and brand.

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