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Office Chair With Adjustable Lumbar Support

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Spending the major part of the time sitting in a chair while working is the indispensable part of work-life for office workers. Sitting in office chairs without adequate back support, however, creates stress on the back. Chairs without the right back support usually lead to poor posture, ultimately stressing the soft tissues and joints in the spine.

Why An Office Chair With Adjustable Lumbar Support Is Important?

The human lower back is naturally curved inwards towards the belly. It’s also known as the lordotic curve. An office chair with adjustable lumbar support helps maintain the right posture by filling the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat. The adjustable feature allows you to adjust the right setting to support the natural inward curve of the lower back.

Spending a long time in office chairs that don’t offer the right lumbar support can lead to discomfort, slouching and slumping habits, and even back pain. Chairs without lumbar support make it difficult to maintain the correct posture as the lumbar spine and larger muscles in the lower back should make a proper curvature and alignment. Without proper support, the muscles holding the spine become weak and lead to various problems in the long run.

Right Lumbar Support Height

Lumbar support too low: Instead of supporting the lumbar arch of the back, it hits the buttocks, leading to slouched posture and strains in the back.

Lumbar support too high: High lumbar support results in uncomfortable pressure in the mid-back area.

Ideal lumbar support height: The right lumbar support (the part of the backrest that sticks out) should fit the curve of the lower back.

The low and high lumbar support position results in an uncomfortable sitting posture and pain in the back. With the adjustable lumbar support, you can set the height according to your need to avoid unwanted back pain.

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