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Ergonomic Chair With Adjustable Armrests

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If you are among the majority of Australian office employees who spend eight hours of every weekday sitting in the office chair, you must have experienced twinge in your lower back. It may have even lead to bad posture and spine problems that keep you awake at night. An ergonomic chair with adjustable armrest and seat height is the ideal solution for such problems. Not every chair comes with adjustable arms and seat, however. If you are looking for a chair, make sure you consider the features you want.

Why Office Chairs With Armrest Is Important?

Generally, Office chairs with armrests are regarded as annoying given that they hinder the free movement of the user and keep them from getting close to the desks. Thus a lot of office workers choose chairs with no armrest, but it’s very important to acknowledge that armrests ensure that you maintain a healthy position while working, preventing future problems related to your posture and body structure. Office chairs with armrests provide you with the space to rest your forearms and relieve strain on shoulders and wrists. If you consider choosing adjustable armrest chairs, you can adjust only the armrest rather than the chair itself for the perfect elbows or forearms resting position. It may seem surprising, but wrong armrests could also lead to neck and shoulder issues.

Different types of Adjustable Armrest Chairs to Shop at Direct Office Online Furniture Store

Height Adjustable Armrest Chairs: Chairs with height-adjustable armrests are a popular choice among office employees because it allows customising armrest position for perfect forearms and elbows placement. Width Adjustable: Some office chairs also offer armrests that can be moved closer or further away from your body. It provides an alternative method to create an individualised comfort that best suits your body size.

Shop Ergonomic Chairs with Adjustable Armrest From Direct Office

If you are looking for an office chair with armrests or without, Direct Office offers you various options to meet your requirements. Browse our website to find the perfect fitting chairs for your space and budget. Find a range of adjustable height swivel chair, adjustable seat height office chair, adjustable height drafting stool and adjustable computer chair. For more information call us at 1800 951 427, or chat with one of our consultants now.