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Kewdale Office Suite

Our Client

The project involved fitting out the new office space with a modern and clean design. The client’s requirements included the installation of Specta workstations, custom cabinetry, ergonomic task chairs, a meeting room table, and comfortable chairs to complement the overall aesthetics of the space. The chosen color scheme was a combination of grey, black, white, with wood accents.

The careful selection of furniture and color tones created a visually stunning environment that inspired creativity and collaboration among the employees. The Specta workstations were chosen for their sleek and modern design, as well as their flexibility. The layout ensured an efficient workflow, with each team having its designated area while maintaining a sense of openness.

Our Solutions

The Office Furniture solutions included in the project were:

  • SPECTA Workstations
  • SOLARO Table
  • TRESTLE Bar Learner Table
  • FINN Mesh Back Chair
  • DENVER Boardroom Chair
  • TEMPO Visitor Chair
  • ARIES Bar Stool
  • EXPANSE Custom Storage
  • ATLANTA Mobile Drawer Pedestal
  • RAPIDO Soft Wiring