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1 Jul

Australian Made Furniture: Why it’s Never Been More Important

During the 2008/09 recession, when the whole world was facing the worst financial crisis since the great depression, Australia was the only developed country to duck it successfully. A solid combination of smart policies, partnership with the right trading partners, resilient banking infrastructure and many more has been contributing to making Australia one of the

18 May

Things You Need To Work Effectively From Home That You May Not Be Aware Of

Welcome to the third episode of work from home series. We have been trying to help ease your difficulties that arise while working from home with these articles. As we all know, working from home has become the demand of time because of the current global pandemic situation, we don’t have any other choice than

21 Apr

Work From Home – Benefits & Challenges

With an increasing number of employees working from home at present because of the global situation brought about by COVID-19, it’s clear that it brings its own set of benefits and challenges for businesses and employees.  However, adapting to the situation and moving ahead is the only option left for us to keep the crumbling

23 Mar

Work From Home As Effectively Amid The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation

The global pandemic of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – that first broke out in Wuhan, China in late December of 2019 – has forced countries to lock down their borders and affected human activities all over the world, not to mention the massive effect on the global economy. It seems like more countries will soon be

31 Jan

Office furniture: Then and now

In the modern corporate world, we continue to spend a lot of our time still in our working environment. Whether it be the advancement in technology or architecture, our working area, whether it be an office in the city centre or a place we work remotely from has evolved with these things. Most of the

7 Jan

7 Tips to a Safer Office Environment

It is obvious to encounter safety challenges on worksites filled with heavy machinery and moving vehicles where employees get involved in intensive manual labour. A job where you sit in a chair inside a protected office building might seem less prone to danger. However, several incidents can happen inside office-setting beyond your awareness. You can

16 Dec

Key Furniture Pieces to Have in Important Spaces of Your Office

Many office furniture options can make your office more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. The best office furniture for your business depends on branding and company culture. The furniture you choose has a significant role in how your office will be set up. Different companies have their own office layout to meet their specific needs. Below

23 Jul

10 Best Office Design Ideas For Small Offices

Just because your office is small it doesn’t mean that it cannot look great. The design you choose creates an experience for you, your team and visitors. Before you start designing, consider its functionality, and how it appears overall. Choose a design that not just matches your brand theme, but also encourages innovation, creativity, and