23 Jul

10 Best Office Design Ideas For Small Offices

Just because your office is small it doesn’t mean that it cannot look great. The design you choose creates an experience for you, your team and visitors. Before you start designing, consider its functionality, and how it appears overall. Choose a design that not just matches your brand theme, but also encourages innovation, creativity, and

7 May

How to choose the right color furniture for your office

When choosing colours for your office furniture, it’s important to keep in mind the many ways that colour can influence mood and behaviour. Colours used in the workplace can have a profound effect on productivity, collaboration, and employee happiness. Specific industries will often use associated colour schemes to reflect their attitude to their business. Finance

31 Jan

How to Personalise Your Workspace

Most modern office environments are designed to be functional and as such are generally rather standardised. Taking into account the demands of the modern business world, having an environment that brings out our best is becoming increasingly recognised as important. Studies have found that giving workers more control to personalise their workspace, can make them

19 Dec

Building an Awesome Office at Home

It’s not just for small businesspeople and workaholics. Every home should have an office.  Whether it’s a quiet space to study, a spot to get through your tax return and file away your papers, or the hub of your mini-business empire, dedicated office space separate workspace from the rest of your home.  Now to make

23 Nov

Enhancing Your Office: Workspace Makeover Tips, Ideas and Product Recommendations

Enhancing Your Office: Workspace Makeover Tips, Ideas and Product Recommendations Your office is starting to show signs of ageing – time to freshen things up, repurpose a few things, refresh a few others, and replace some odds and ends.  Or perhaps, you’ve already decided to sell all second-hands and start afresh. Whatever your situation, it’s

23 Apr

Your Company Culture and Your Office Fitout

Your Company Culture and Your Office Fitout There’s so much more to your business than four walls, a roof, and a bunch of the usual tech gadgets. Your business has its own personality or culture. If you’ve been focusing on your company culture, you will have aligned it to your business’ image and goals. And

5 Dec

How to Overcome Strain & Pain in the Workplace

By investing in ergonomic furniture, you’re helping your employees do the best work. Have you ever suffered from a sore neck or back after working for a few hours, without moving? This was probably due to poorly designed furniture. Think about how many hours, days, months, even years, that you spend sitting down. Your back

29 Nov

The Easiest Way to Create Employee Cubicles & Privacy in Your Office

Like the idea of an open plan workspace but worried about distractions? Invest in office partitions. This is the simplest way to divide a room in a flexible way. You don’t need to worry about installing long-term structures or adding new rooms to your premises. Partitions strike that perfect balance between privacy and collaboration. Pull