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24 Mar

Pick of the Month: Direct Office Presents Top 5 Sit/Stand Desks For a Healthy Workspace

Keeping your team healthy doesn’t only bring happiness to your workplace but also efficiency. Therefore, a workstation designed to support your people’s body properly is crucial in modern office settings. Working for long hours without a comfortable workstation could actually develop the risk of undesired effects, like Repetitive Strain Injury and an overall increase in

23 Feb

A quick how-to guide to planning office space and furnishing

The concept of office design may vary according to people, based on the office styles they conceptualise. However, everyone agrees that the furniture layout plays a significant role in an office design’s success or failure, perhaps more than any other factor. Creating a good office space where productivity thrives is more like a company’s mirror-image

12 Feb

Refresh Your Office In 2021 With 5 Cool Layout Ideas

How would you like to create a new, refreshing office layout that can make a world of difference to your team? Doesn’t that sound cool? Well, according to our furniture experts at Direct Office, even a little change in your office layout can delight your team — if you do it the right way. Therefore,

29 Jan

Office Furniture Buyer’s Guide: What You Need To Know

Everyone likes walking into a clean, orderly and attractive office. Office furniture not only makes your office look appealing but also provides a comfortable environment for your occupants. Buying office furniture needs practical considerations that go beyond just aesthetics. Many aspects need to be considered, including comfort, style, safety, durability, and compatibility for employees and

15 Jan

Top 7 Conference Room Tables: The Ultimate Seating Guide

Every office needs a conference or a meeting table. It is a hub for innovative and bright ideas and a space to facilitate meeting the minds. Some of the best ideas are formed around the meeting table, but purchasing this type of furniture isn’t easy. Therefore, how can you achieve a comfortable meeting space for

4 Jan

Office Furniture Checklist: Basic Essentials for Your Business

Whether you are setting up a new office or renovating your existing one, not knowing where to start with your furniture setup might seem like a daunting task. Your goal, however, is to create the best working environment because the way your office is set substantially contributes to the success of your workforce and business.

14 Dec

Ergonomic Office Furniture: Must-have Equipment In Your Office Space

Office furniture has been among the essential equipment in offices from the very beginning. If you review the history of the office furniture of the last fifty years alone, experts have made several efforts to create ideal office furniture to help improve productivity in office environments. Designers developed ergonomic furniture as it was later figured

11 Nov

Types of Furniture Styles: Your Complete Guide to Different Styles

A silent yet an essential aspect of our homes and businesses, furniture plays a vital role in our daily lives. As the saying goes, “home is where your heart is”, it is equally crucial for your office furniture to be your place of solace as well. Your office space is a place where creativity and