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Adjustable Standing Office Desks

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A height-adjustable standing desk gives you the freedom to sit and stand while working throughout the day, which is important for both your comfort and health.

Our wide collection of adjustable standing desks fit all people, regardless of their height or age. These desks simply create an environment for the active and productive involvement of any desk workers to their job.

At Direct Office you’ll find one of the largest collections of adjustable standing office desks in Australia. We stock an impressive variety of office chairs. Whether you are looking for an electric height adjustable desk, adjustable computer chair, office chairs with pneumatic cylinders, adjustable seat tilt office chair or any other chair, we have it in our stock for you.

With over 30 years of experience in supplying office furniture all over Australia, we have been providing customers with the right solutions for their needs. Call us at 1800 951 427 or email at [email protected], and instantly install the right chair in your office space.