Office Furniture in Joondalup – Perth

Direct Office Furniture is a leading supplier of office furniture in Joondalup, Perth. We supply office furniture such as desks, chairs, office storages and partitions. Browse our extensive collection to find furniture that matches your size requirements.

Over 900 items in stock available through our 24/7 online store

What kinds of furniture can you get from Direct Office Furniture?


Office desks: Most of us spend long periods sitting at a desk, so It’s important to choose the right desks that suit your specific needs. Consider the space, width and height to find the ideal office desks for your working space. Decide whether you need an office desk with bookshelves, a round desk or a small office desk.

Office chairs: Back and neck pain is a common problem among employees who spend a long time working at a desk. Find ergonomic office chairs that allow you to make height and arm adjustment to overcome such problems.

Office tables: Meeting and boardroom tables are an essential piece of furniture for both established and start-up companies. With a full selection of tables in range, we have sizes and styles to meet your needs.

Office storage: Don’t pile folders, documents, files, and paperwork on your working desks. It won’t look professional, and visitors will have a bad impression. Whether you work at an office or home, storage systems assist you to keep everything in order.

We have a selection of filing cabinets, cupboards and tambours, bookcases, lockers, and multi drawers in different colours, styles, and sizes to organise your files and documents.

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