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5 Easy Strategies to Make Your Office Safer

When you think of safety in workplaces, you’ve probably got an imagine of men with heavy boots, operating machinery – not your everyday office. But there’s one job that’s another kind of danger. That is, being an office worker and sitting down for hours in a climate-controlled room. There’s no wonder why ergonomic chairs are on the rise.

The safety risks of working in an office

There are hidden dangers in modern offices, even though we might not think there is. Safe Work Australia are pushing a focus on creating safe working environments for employees, after the continual reporting of injuries on-the-job.

There’s good news: Many of these accidents can be prevented by implementing simple workforce modifications. Follow these seven tips to increase safety in your office.

1. Check your office layout

Do you have your corporate brochures stored in a high place? Need to climb on the office desk to reach the boxes? Cluttered workplaces are a major cause of office injuries. Revise the layout of your office and make sure you’re not putting your team at risk.

2. Limit computer time


As businesses become more technology-focused, it’s hard to stay away from computers. But, long hours in front of the screen can lead to eyestrain, bodily pain and other health issues. If you can, rotate tasks within the team, so your employees don’t spend eight hours at a computer. Buy a bottle of eye drops and put it on each desk and teach your employees how to stretch. And if possible, treat your employees to a monthly massage.

3. ‘Mental’ safety

Accidents happen when people aren’t thinking clearly. Allow plenty of time for breaks and create an area specific for this, like a hangout space. This can help to boost motivation and productivity, plus avoid accidents that happen because of fatigue and stress.

4. Keep your office clean


It’s such an obvious thing but something many businesses struggle with. Encourage your employees to tidy their work areas and if you need to, invest in a weekly cleaner. If you have more items that space, look at storage options.

5. Choose your chairs wisely


When it comes to your chairs, this is one piece of furniture that you don’t want to skimp on. The chair is one of the most critical items of OH&S.

Avoid injuries. Invest in ergonomic chairs.


While you can’t avoid those long hours sitting down, you can improve the quality of your chair. We have a range of ergonomic chairs that cater for a wide range of body types and applications.

Prevent your employees complaining of bad backs, taking sick days and seeing chiropractors. Our shop includes products like the mesh back Breathe Executive Chair and the Spark High Back Chair, with a lumbar pump.

We can help you fit out your office space with ergonomic chairs to increase productivity and improve the health of your workers.

The chair designers who care.