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5 Best Office Chair For Lower Back Support

The way most of us sit on chairs while working adds stress to the structure of the spine and, ultimately, causes lower back pain. Working in an office environment involves a great deal of time sitting on a chair, so leading a healthy and productive life depends on how you manage your regular sitting position. Two primary things make a huge difference in maintaining a healthy body in the long term: your body discipline, and your tools. The correct tools can help provide lower back support to you while you are working.

Most people who spend long hours at a desk are not disciplined enough with posture and habits that help avoid problems like lower back pain, joint pain, and fatigue. 

Things to consider to fight lower back pain

Health in the office and while you are working are crucial to protecting your employees. Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries that effect people at work. The following are some of the most important things to consider while working that will provide you with ways to support your lower back.

Maintaining the right body posture at all times:

Because it takes no effort to slouch, more people prefer slouching after a specific interval. Regular slouching will harm your body in the long run without you noticing it. That’s why it’s essential to maintain an upright position at all times while sitting in a chair. 

Discouraging long hours of stable position:

Keeping your body in a permanent position for a long time adds stress to your spine and joints even if you maintain the right posture. A regular break from a stable state during the intervals not only eases pressure but also helps in improved blood circulation. 

Frequent movement:

More offices are introducing frequent breaks on their daily schedule these days. Regular breaks help employees refresh as well as positively contributes to their wellbeing. Taking frequent breaks and moving around helps maintain healthy spine, bones, and muscles. Moreover, it’s even better if you do a session of ‘one-minute spine stretch’ every hour.       

Maintaining good health in the long term also depends on how ergonomic is your workspace. Ergonomics is the science of fitting the workplace to the user’s needs while aiming to increase efficiency and productivity, reducing discomfort. A sound understanding and practice of ergonomics help reduce long term health complaints. It includes adjusting tools to the users and emphasising proper posture. 

With the advancement in technology rapidly changing how we work, there is even a greater need for ergonomics in the modern workspaces. Understanding basic things such as the right angle of your monitor, the correct height of your desk, the right distance of your tools and accessories, impact of your work on your eyes, wrists etc. can help you create an ergonomic workspace.

While talking about tools, ergonomic chairs are one of the essential tools you need to incorporate in your work life. These chairs not only support your posture but also easily adjust to your working requirements. Direct Office has been supplying the best ergonomic office chairs to our customers in Perth and WA for more than three decades. So we present you our best five picks of ergonomic office chairs that not only support your back but also deliver the best value. These are also our pick for the best office chairs for back pain. 

Ace Mesh Office Chair 

Ace Mesh Office chairs aim to provide the best-value ergonomic features to the users. Often cited as one of the best affordable office chairs for back pain, this economically reasonable ergonomic chair is highly flexible in functionality as well.

It comes with a breathable mesh back that has lumbar support and can be fully adjusted as per the user’s requirements. With gas-lift height adjustment, it provides users with flawless customisation that doesn’t malfunction. Along with height and back adjustable features, the is chair also features height-adjustable arms. 

Direct Office offers five years of warranty on Ace Mech chairs. It is available in different colour options, but it’s the all-black finish that has been popular among our customers. Click here to buy this fantastic Ace mesh office chair today.   

Domino Executive Office Chair

One of the things that makes Domino Executive chair special is that along with all the features of an ergonomic chair, it comes with height and depth adjustable lumbar support. You can call it one of the best ergonomic office chairs for lower back pain. Additionally, this alloy-based chair also offers adjustable alloy arms with a soft pad. Its extensive sitting and backrest area allows users to adjust comfortably at all position. 

Independently tested by Furntech to AFRDI-142, Domino Executive office chair comes with ten years of warranty. It is available in various vibrant colour options in fabric upholstery. Price of this medium-range chair ranges between $500 and $700. Click here to shop Domino exclusive office chair.

lower back pain

Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Drafting Stool

Specially designed to take care of your health, Sit-stand Height Adjustable Drafting Stool is the chair for people with back problems. It not only helps users move around with ease but also comforts them throughout the day. Using stool prevents users from slouching and reduces pressure in the neck. Drafting Stools help maintain the natural curve of your spine, encouraging you to accommodate disciplined posture practice. 

Sit-stand height adjustable drafting stool comes with an adjustable seat to provide ultimate support to the users whose job requires spending a significant amount of time sitting on chairs. Direct Office offers five years of warranty with this product. The stool is available with castors or glides. 

Click this link to shop Sit-stand Height Adjustable Drafting Stool instantly.

Volt Office Chair

Volt is another great-value office chair that we have included in our list of best office chairs that support your back. It is packed with all the flexible features that make a great ergonomic chair. Moreover, it offers adjustable lumbar support, adjustable backrest, adjustable height, and armrest options, among many other essential functions. Volt is one of the best chairs for back problems also. 

Direct Office offers volt office chair in various options. Additionally, these fully assembled chairs are available in fabric, leather, or vinyl upholstery in different colours of your choice. We offer five years of warranty on this product. Click here to shop this incredible great-value chair.      

lower back pain

Linear High Executive Chair

Making at number 5 on our list is the posh Linear High Executive Chair. A combination of class and comfort; this is the chair you would want to own if you are a top-level leader. This high-end beauty comes with every possible feature that you want with the top-notch ergonomic chair. All Linear High Executive Chairs are built with hi-arch polished aluminium base and fire retardant foam. Adjusting the chair according to the requirements of the user is incredibly easy. These chairs are specially designed for people with back problems. 

Linear high executive chairs may cost you around $1,100 to $1,250, depending on your choice of materials and features. Additionally, Direct Office offers five years of warranty with this product. Click here to buy Linear High Executive Chair today.  

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