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7 Tips for a Safe Working Environment

Safety challenges on worksites are more common as they are filled with heavy machinery and moving vehicles. A job where you sit in a chair inside a protected office building might seem less prone to danger. However, several incidents can happen inside office-setting beyond your awareness. Therefore, maintaining a safe working environment may not be as easy as you think!

We want to give you the tools to keep your office safe! Therefore, to create a safe working environment consider the following tips:

Invest in Ergonomics For a Safe Working Environment

Sitting all day in a chair can put employees at risk to different health problems like different bone aches, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels. You can take care of your employees by investing in proper ergonomic chairs. These chairs accommodate the widest range of employees and have features of height and backrest adjustments. There is no ease to your discomfort unless your feet are flat on the ground. You can also invest in sit-stand adjustable chairs that allow you to switch positions between seated and standing positions. Having the right ergonomic chair is essential for maintaining a safe working environment!

Keep Your Workplace Tidy

An untidy workplace can cause unnecessary injuries often resulting from slips and trips. Tripping and slipping hazards are usually caused by scattered objects or spills on the floor. Keep your workplace clean and organised, so no one gets hurt while they are working. Here are some ways to keep your workplace tidy:

  • Clean up any spills or scattered objects on the floor.
  • Ensure you cover and secure all wires and cables properly.
  • Create a separate space for storage.
  • Allow each workstation to have seperate storage to keep tools and materials.
  • Store all materials in their proper location to prevent buildup of clutter in walkways.
Keep a clean environment for a safe working environment

Give Mini Breaks

Research shows that several mini-breaks are much more effective than one single long break. Frequent breaks will improve your employee’s cognitive abilities, boost their creativity, and improve satisfaction to the work. When they take frequent mini-breaks, their mind rejuvenates, and they can focus and concentrate on their work. Try to incorporate mini-breaks to ensure a safe working environment for yourself and employees.

For a Safe Working Environment Create a Friendly Office Layout

The way you arrange your work environment will have a huge long term impact on your body. Make sure there is sufficient space between the furniture and fixtures so employees can move freely without strain or injury.

Create a friendly office layout for a safe working environment

Improve Workstations

You should design every workstation and office fitout in a way that employees work in a comfortable upright position with their feet touching the ground. It is always good to research about the best positions to work while sitting in a chair. Offer employees with seating that provides good body support, especially for the lower back.

Improved work stations for safe working environments

Better Lighting and Ventilation

Ventilation allows employees to work free of indoor air pollution that contributes to increased fatigue and poor productivity. Research shows fresh and clean air help boost performance and stay mentally sound. Air quality is crucial in maintaining a safe working environment for your employees.

Proper lighting is crucial for employees to work, move, and communicate easily. Employees who work at computer desks all day long are prone to a variety of problems. For example, eye strain can lead to irritation in the eyes and can cause headaches. Ensure the office rooms are adequately lit, and there’s enough natural lighting in your office. Computer monitors are also suggested to be set to the appropriate brightness to avoid overexposure to the eyes.