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5 Simple Ways to Save Energy in Your Office, Instantly

At work, people seem to forget about energy conservation. It could be because they’re not responsible for footing the bill. Use this article to re-educate your team about the value of saving energy. Simple strategies including your office desk location is key.

Save on energy costs, make your business greener and do your part for the environment. As business owners, we all have a duty to lead by example. Whether you run a team of two, 20 or 200, there are things you can do to reduce your electricity consumption.

Let’s go through five of the easiest actions you can take, now:

1. Turn off lights

At the risk of sounding ignorant, we’re leading with the most obvious tip. It’s the easiest thing to do but first, you need to break the habit – of walking out a room and leaving the lights on.

Why not make a game out of it with your team? Whoever forgets to turn the lights off has to take the bins out. Also, switching to energy-efficient lighting such as LED globes will help save power.

2. Adjust computer settings

With modern computers, there are power-saving controls. On a MacBook, for example, you can change the level of light and set it to go into standby mode after a few minutes without use. For computers, you can control it to turn off the monitor if there’s no movement for 15 minutes. Turn off screensavers because they consume more energy than they save.

3. Dress to suit the season

Although it’s tempting to use the heater in winter, try to dress accordingly and layer up. Add a stylish blanket to each desk and encourage your team to use them, instead of reaching for the remote.

4. Move IT to the cloud

Instead of running expensive servers, store everything in the cloud. This also means your employees can work from home, which will naturally reduce your energy usage. If you’re concerned about making the move, speak to a cloud-based systems provider. Lowering your energy impact is just one advantage of switching over.

5. Use natural light

The placement of your desks should depend on the access to natural light. Reconsider the best part of your office that has the greatest source of light. This way, you won’t need to turn on the lights as much, unless you’ve got some night owls in your team.

Office Furniture and Saving Energy go hand-in-hand

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