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Author: Pooja Gurung

11 Nov

Types of Furniture Styles: Your Complete Guide to Different Styles

A silent yet an essential aspect of our homes and businesses, furniture plays a vital role in our daily lives. As the saying goes, “home is where your heart is”, it is equally crucial for your office furniture to be your place of solace as well. Your office space is a place where creativity and

28 Oct

Does Office Furniture Affect Team Productivity?

Furniture is considered the centre-piece of any institution, like a house, business space or office. As we discuss in our Office Furniture Buyer’s Guide, buying the right set of furniture is crucial to having a productive office space. However, we suggest looking at the finer details of increasing productivity. Therefore, during this article, we discuss

8 Oct

A Complete Office Furniture Buying Guide

Whether you are working from home or office, there’s one thing that everyone needs: proper furniture! By buying the right office furniture, it will help support your work and increase your productivity. Knowing that you need to be ‘choosing the right office furniture’ is different than knowing ‘how to buy office furniture’! For this very reason,

16 Sep

Office Brand Image: Why is it important?

Your Office brand says who you are, what you stand for, and provides a memorable experience for your customers. The image you portray needs to be seamless across all aspects of your company. Everything needs to express your company’s philosophy from logo to social media and business cards to office layouts and furniture. Having a

19 Aug

Debunk The Confusion With Office Furniture Warranties

Manufacturers display confidence in the products they offer by providing the customers with a warranty. Warranties are the legal promises manufacturers make to repair or replace items. Moreover, if goods become unfit for the intended use in a specific time frame you can exchange them. The specifics of the warranty, however, can often be confusing

7 Aug

5 Best Office Chair For Lower Back Support

The way most of us sit on chairs while working adds stress to the structure of the spine and, ultimately, causes lower back pain. Working in an office environment involves a great deal of time sitting on a chair, so leading a healthy and productive life depends on how you manage your regular sitting position.

1 Jul

Australian Made Office Furniture: Why it’s Never Been More Important

During the 2008/09 recession, when the whole world was facing the worst financial crisis since the great depression, Australia was the only developed country to duck it successfully. A solid combination of smart policies, partnership with the right trading partners, resilient banking infrastructure and many more has been contributing to making Australia one of the

18 May

Things You Need To Work From Home Effectively: That You May Not Be Aware Of

Welcome to the third episode of work from home series. We have been trying to help ease your difficulties that arise while working from home with these articles. As we all know, working from home has become the norm, due to the current global pandemic situation. Moreover, we don’t have any other choice than making