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Modern Trends In Office Layout Design

6 Aug

Modern Trends In Office Layout Design

When one walks into a professional environment, the ambience and the feel the space offers is the first thing anyone notices. Additionally, an organised, efficient and modern space has proven to boost employee satisfaction while stimulating creativity, and increasing productivity and that is exactly why, in this day and age, there is a growing emphasis

Ergonomic Benefits Of Armrests

15 Jul

The Ergonomic Benefits Of Armrests

Given the amount of time spent on chairs by the average office employee, it is surprising how armrests usually go unnoticed. They are not the most glamorous part of a chair but their importance should not be overlooked.  When asked, most office employees generally recognize the importance of armrests, when considering the long working hours

25 Jun

5 Space-Saving Home Office Renovation Ideas

As more companies are offering the option to work from home permanently, many find that it is time for a home office renovation. Having an organised space is essential for productivity, but many are not fortunate enough to have the extra space for an office and get creative with their play. These five space saving

4 Jun

Useful Office Storage Ideas and Tips

The idea of a workspace has changed drastically in the last couple of years with companies investing in designing the best-suited office layout for their employees. Office Managers who are into administrative roles have to manage various office furnishings and equipment so as to provide the best office design and layout for their company and

19 Apr

How To Create An Experience-centric Workstation In Your Office

In a perfect world, an office would comprise satisfied employees working cheerfully in a room filled with positivity. While this may not be the most realistic expectation, you sure can strive to reach similar employee satisfaction levels. If you notice unhappy faces and sense tension and frustration in your office, it is time for you

24 Mar

Pick of the Month: Direct Office Presents Top 5 Sit/Stand Desks For a Healthy Workspace

Keeping your team healthy doesn’t only bring happiness to your workplace but also efficiency. Therefore, a workstation designed to support your people’s body properly is crucial in modern office settings. Working for long hours without a comfortable workstation could actually develop the risk of undesired effects, like Repetitive Strain Injury and an overall increase in

23 Feb

A quick how-to guide to planning office space and furnishing

The concept of office design may vary according to people, based on the office styles they conceptualise. However, everyone agrees that the furniture layout plays a significant role in an office design’s success or failure, perhaps more than any other factor. Creating a good office space where productivity thrives is more like a company’s mirror-image

21 Apr

Benefits & Challenges of Working From Home

With an increasing number of employees working from home at present because of the global situation brought about by COVID-19, it’s clear that it brings its own set of benefits and challenges for businesses and employees.  However, adapting to the situation and moving ahead is the only option left for us to keep the crumbling